Takashi’s Notes
Finding Your Life's Purpose

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

What I came to understand from my life lessons is when you keep doing things that are not your life’s purpose, something inside you will nudge you, a gut feeling, if you will. And it continues to nudge you until you realize and get engaged in what you came here for. So you have to...
"See the world you want to see"

“See the world you want to see”

We see the world through colored lenses. Nothing in this world has any intrinsic value or meaning as its attribute. It is only our perception – our way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something – that gives meaning or value to whatever we see or experience. Then, where do our perceptions come from? Throughout childhood,...
Be Free.

Be Free.

How can we be free? Why do we make it so difficult for ourselves to be simply free? We buy into the collective notion that we all have to have our share of suffering, otherwise it’s not fair. We believe we have to ‘earn’ our way to success and freedom. That concept of ‘earning’ is...