Hi! My name is Takashi Fuchigami. I’m the creator of the Gratis Basis Project.

Today we live in a society that is based on fear, scarcity, competition, conflict and control. These ideas are man-made concepts, but they do not necessarily reflect our human nature.

Many of the issues we face everyday in our society stem from the fundamentally flawed socio-economic structures based on capitalism, consumerism, and democracy.

I feel many of us are leading a life that is far from what our hearts desire. We are so plugged into existing systems that we are reluctant to follow our hearts and live authentically. I think one of the reasons that many of us feel this way is because of an inherent fear related to money – fear of not having enough and/or losing it.

What if there was no such thing as money?

Let’s just say hypothetically: Imagine a world without money.
What would the world look like?
If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you be doing in such a world?

My vision is that the Gratis Basis Project will introduce a new paradigm possibility into the human collective consciousness; one that is based on trust, abundance, cooperation, harmony and freedom rather than fear, scarcity, competition, conflict and control, and that it will serve as an instrument to encourage people to seek their truth and start living authentically, from the heart. I strongly believe that it will bring peace to our world.

Join us as we introduce ideas, projects, communities around the world that operate based on new ways of living. Follow me as I meet inspiring individuals from around the world who are living authentically beyond the illusional boundaries and limitations created by the monetary system.

The future is not something you wait for, but something we co-create.

Let’s co-create a wonderful world together!!