What I came to understand from my life lessons is when you keep doing things that are not your life’s purpose, something inside you will nudge you, a gut feeling, if you will. And it continues to nudge you until you realize and get engaged in what you came here for. So you have to honor that gut feeling.

Most of us keep ourselves busy distracting our attention from these gut feelings, even though we somehow know it at the back of our minds. Get out of the daily routine, take time, quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice. When you do this, don’t let your logical mind tell you why you can’t do this and that. Our mind is conditioned to think what our society wants us to believe as norms. Just keep your focus on how you feel, not what you think. When you follow that inner guidance, you’ll be led to your life’s purpose and you’ll know it when it happens, because you will start living authentically.

To listen to your inner voice, I find that meditation is very effective. When you hear ‘meditation’ or ‘Zazen’, it may sound intimidating, but there is no need to think so hard. Just find a quiet place and time, and close your eyes and relax. That’s all. As anything require practice, make it a habit to do it everyday for 5 or 10 minutes at a time before going to bed. You will notice slowly how the noises in your head will start to quiet down. So give it a try!

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