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Smile Cards - a shift from "Me" to "We"

Smile Cards – a shift from “Me” to “We”

Nipun Mehta created “Smile Cards” in 2003 as a fun way to prove the interconnections of life. What started out as ‘positive pranks’, receiving a Smile Card would mean that you have been tagged with a random act of kindness, totally unconditional and from an anonymous stranger. Based on ‘pay it forward’, by receiving kindness...
Fureai Kippu - Compassion is the new currency

Fureai Kippu – Compassion is the new currency

Fureai Kippu has been operating successfully in Japan since 1995. It’s an all-electronic complementary currency which originally began as a system for providing health care for the elderly. The system of Fureai Kippu, or “caring relationship tickets,” allows individuals to earn credits by caring for a local elderly person or anyone in need of care...
Karma Kitchen - Priceless!

Karma Kitchen – Priceless!

“What is the value of something that doesn’t have a price? That is the fundamental question raised every week at Karma Kitchen, a volunteer-run restaurant in Berkeley. Based on an experiment in generosity, guests are presented with a $0 bill at the end of each meal. Founder and volunteer Nipun Mehta explains how the opportunity...