Watch this space for excerpts from interviews with inspiring individuals from around the world who exemplify a new way of living based on authenticity and awakened mind.

We love to hear directly from YOU – the people, citizens and inhabitants of planet Earth.
The Gratis Basis Project is calling for ANYONE who is currently ‘making a living’ who wishes to contribute by submitting a short video clip of themselves responding to the following simple questions:


Q1. How do you currently make a living?

Q2. Why did you choose that occupation/job?

Q3. Imagine a world without money. If there was no such thing as money and you didn’t need money to live, would you still be doing what you are doing now? Yes/No.

  1. If you answered “Yes”: Why would you continue doing what you are doing now?
  2. If you answered “No”: What do you think you would be doing right now instead? Do you think you would be happy/happier in that situation?

Q4. What kind of world do you imagine it would be, if there was no such thing as money?


Please begin your video with a brief self introduction:
• My name is _____.
• I am ____ years old. (optional)
• I am originally from _____.
• I currently live in ____.


Authenticity is the theme. No judgment – we aren’t here to question your magnificence, because you just are no matter what.
Please only submit a video clip if you agree to it being shown on the Gratis Basis website and/or the documentary film Free..


Please send your video clip via Cincopa to interview@gratisbasis.com

We thank you sincerely for taking part in the Interview Project!