Free. is an optimistic documentary that paints a picture of planetary wellbeing and human potential in the wake of fundamental issues we face in today’s society based on an outdated economic system. Centering around one provocative question: Is it possible for us as a species to thrive without money? Free. offers a view not depicted by the mainstream media, of an emerging paradigm based on a holistic model encompassing trust, abundance, cooperation, harmony and freedom. Filmed while on a worldwide journey of self discovery, Free. is a tapestry of hope and ingenuity, sharing insight and shedding light on some of the great ideas emerging simultaneously around the globe that are proof of a paradigm shift and the emergence of a new human story.



Many of us are leading a life that is far from what our hearts desire. We are so plugged into existing systems that we are reluctant to follow our hearts and live authentically. Perhaps one of the reasons that many of us feel this way is because of an inherent fear related to money – fear of not having enough and/or losing it.

Free. dares to ask the provocative question:

What if there was no such thing as money?

On a quest to find answers, a series of interviews filmed in various countries and communities worldwide are being compiled. The documentary Free. aims to take the audience on a journey to imagine a world without money and to ponder what he/she would be doing in such a world.

One of the objectives of the documentary is to depict the fundamentally flawed socio-economic structure of today’s modern societies that are based on capitalism, consumerism, and democracy; while shedding light on successful new and alternative ways of living that are emerging around the world, which are not based on these existing systems, but rather on the interconnectedness of all life and planetary wellbeing.

Another, and more important objective of the film is to ask people why they do what they do to ‘make a living’, what ‘making a living’ means, and what they would be doing instead if there was no such thing as money and it was unnecessary to ‘make money for living’. It is hoped that the film will ultimately serve as an instrument to encourage people to seek their truth and start living authentically, without fear.

The vision is that Free. will introduce a new paradigm possibility into the human collective consciousness; one that is based on trust, abundance, cooperation, harmony and freedom rather than fear, scarcity, competition, conflict and control.”



This film is brought to you by husband-wife team Takashi & Salina Fuchigami.

Armed with degrees in International Business and Economics, and a jack-of-all-trades’ list of past job experiences and credentials under our belts, we set forth as entrepreneurs running a couple of socially and environmentally conscious businesses until March 11, 2011, the day of the devastating Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami, when suddenly ‘making money’ began feeling like a futile quest. By then we had already faced our biggest fear when we experienced losing all our money during the global financial crisis in 2009, and managed to make a comeback by rebuilding our lives based on simplicity and modesty. In the aftermath of the earthquake, as we witnessed our homeland Japan suffer a devastating tsunami and radioactive fallout, we began pondering so many questions: What is the meaning of life? If everything could be swept away in an instant, what is this life really for? Why do we spend so much energy worrying about the future and dissecting the past? Shouldn’t we be focusing on living in the moment – in joy? We began to seriously wonder if we had actually ever really lived a truly authentic life until that day; one in which we actually lived in joy for the sake of every moment, in gratitude and appreciation of everything and everyone.

The days, weeks, months and now years that followed have been an interesting ride. Much research, meditation and simply following our inner guidance has led us to this jolly point in time.

In 2012, we stopped working altogether and sold our house. We gave away practically everything we ever owned, packed a few bags and began a journey; a trip around the world on a quest to find out some answers. Answers about life, about where we’re heading as a species, about the truth of what is actually happening on the planet. Not just hear it through the news or some other secondary or tertiary source, but to talk directly to the people – to ask the citizens and inhabitants of the world how they feel to be alive, and to witness the natural beauty and abundance of planet Earth in all its magnificence.

The big question-mark was on what makes people lead lives that are not authentic and true to their inner calling; whether people are satisfied working hard at jobs they didn’t really enjoy everyday just for money; and why people tend to believe they would be happier if they had more money. We were also curious to find out if there were any other people out there who were thinking these thoughts and feeling the same way as we did.

Out first few conversations with folks turned out replies that were basically along these lines:

“You need money to live.”
“Everything revolves around money whether you like it or not.”
“That’s just how our society operates, you can’t change the system.”

But is this really the case?
We were eager to find out and present what we discover to all those who are curious.


Dare to imagine… a world where things are free, and so are you. Free.