Nipun Mehta created “Smile Cards” in 2003 as a fun way to prove the interconnections of life. What started out as ‘positive pranks’, receiving a Smile Card would mean that you have been tagged with a random act of kindness, totally unconditional and from an anonymous stranger. Based on ‘pay it forward’, by receiving kindness and a Smile Card from someone, you would then offer a random act of kindness and the card to someone else, asking them to keep it going.

In this video interview, Nipun comments on how modern culture makes people think they need to acquire things in order to feel complete. He recalls the ancient idea shared by many cultures that in giving you are fulfilled – a simple truth forgotten.

Modern life as we know it is undoubtedly self-centered and commercial. Smile Cards help to remind of those little things that would otherwise be considered common human decency. Those very acts that in our modern culture need to be rekindled and reworked into people’s lives as random acts of kindness to remind us all on a soul-level how it really feels to be giving and fulfilled.

Feeling is believing! To date, 1,450,000 cards have been printed and distributed for free by

A simple step to ripple out a shift from “Me” to “We”!