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We're going to Iceland!

We’re going to Iceland!

Yes, we’re taking the Gratis Basis camera and our selves to beautiful Iceland!  Why Iceland? Well, because the people of Iceland got fed up with fear, scarcity, competition, conflict and control, and have willed to co-create a world based on trust, abundance, cooperation, harmony and freedom in their country! They did exactly what Gratis Basis...
The Venus Project - Imagine a world without money

The Venus Project – Imagine a world without money

This short excerpt from the movie ‘Zeitgeist: Addendum’ by Peter Joseph, questions the current monetary system as it addresses the areas of: Work, Incentive, Civilization. It introduces the resource based economy, a system that works for the common good of everyone. Visionary and self-taught architect, Jacques Fresco’s Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social...