Definition of Gratis Basis

The word ‘gratis’ is from Latin and it means “free”, “given or done for free of charge” or “out of kindness”. A contraction of gratiis, meaning ‘as a kindness’, which in turn stems from the root gratia meaning ‘grace’ or ‘kindness’. ‘Gratis’ is the quality of an action where the action is willingly provided without any requirement by the provider for compensation or monetary remuneration. The word ‘basis’ means “an underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process” or “a principle on which something depends”.

Gratis Basis is a fundamental principle based on values such as trust, abundance, cooperation, harmony and freedom, on which new ways of living – a new paradigm – can grow.

Our objectives:

(1) Introduce ideas, projects, communities around the world that are operating/seek to operate based on alternative/new systems that focus on trust, abundance, cooperation, harmony, freedom; not based on the existing monetary system
(2) Interview inspiring individuals from around the world who exemplify a new way of living based on authenticity and awakened mind
(3) Inspire and encourage everyone to live fearlessly, authentically and follow their hearts